[CSI] Codename : Secret ITZY EP.10

に公開 2021/05/04
[CSI] Codename : Secret ITZY EP.10
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  • aww ryujin gave lia 5 minutes she has a soft spot for her JINLIA

  • (As a once) I think their reality show is wayyyy more interesting and better than twice even though they are from same company 😂 but i love them both.

  • Am i the only one who notice that this Wonderland is the place where "Take A Picture By NiziU" was shoote✨

  • 13:02 here you go 😂

  • At first glance i thought it's chaeyeon in the thumbnail😆

  • Watching this, reminding me with running man old version (not running man concept like today). It was so fun, running, finding clue, avoid the enemy :')

  • Wow ITZY are all beautiful and pretty 💖💓💖💓💖💖💓💖💓💖💓💖💓💖💓💖💓💖💓💖💖💖💖🤍


  • lmao i was wondering about chaer on how much time she still has but 6:59 she forgot to start the timer HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • 7:20 her smile 🥺😭

  • 끊는게 드라마급이빈다.... 시간카드처럼.. 너무 짠거 아니에오?!

  • 채령이 화이팅!!!! 🤣🤣🐯

  • I never get tired watching them💙💙😎😎😍

  • ❤️❤️

  • >> =====> THE BRASIL SUPPORTS ITZY ... !!! Paulo costa / International) >>=====> 07 05 2021 ================================================

  • lia: CUTENESS OVERLOAD🥰 can’t believe she’s the oldest in them

  • this set looks the same with niziu's tap mv set so i'll take my nizitzy crumbs

  • csi is sooo fun

  • 9:50 예지 진짜 착하다 ,, ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • 역시 어우류🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

  • I need spanish subtitles please😭😭

  • Ha-ha, very cute, I love you, good luck always, Medzi.,🦋✨


  • What a cliffhanger 😭✋🏻




  • Another episode of Itzy being RAW Ryujin Always Wins

  • Las chicas todas desesperadas 🤣🤣😍😍

  • 10:11 cute baby Lia....So cuute and funny at the same time. Haha

  • Winx Enchantix 🦋

  • yeji : literally finding like a cat ryujin : finding card where no one can really see them lia : being cute af and copycat but found some yuna : wants to drive the car,don't know where to go and wht she's finding, but she found some at last meanwhile chaeryeong : didn't even bother herself to start the button 😂😂😂😂

  • Lia is so cute

  • 3:08 this is me every time when I was finding something but apparently forgot WHAT THE FUCK I WAS FINDING...lmao

  • the prisoners having a conversation they just wanted to play lmaoooo T______T

  • im losing it when chaeryeong realized she didnt press the start lollll this girl

  • this is the funniest episode lmaoooooooo

  • 10:33 yuna is so funny

  • las amo mucho 😭😭

  • We all know damn well that the box is empty

  • このスタジオってNiziUのtake a pictureのときのMVで使われたところだよね?

  • I love you💜💜💜

  • 아니 뭐야ㅜ아직도하는거넼ㅋㅋ

  • This is so entertaining 🤩 glad i became a MIDZY

  • Grabe Yuna, pa-suspense yung sigaw mo sa last part😭

  • Lia looks like a lost kid in an amusement park that gets amazed at everything she sees. Kiyowooo

  • In ep 9 Ryujin said that she would become the ace and she became the ace Ep 11 im waiting and im love ITZY vid 💖💖💖

  • 우와와~너무너무 재미있네요 ㅎㅎㅎ

  • the guy who laughed because of the empty box that ryujin found , that's so cute haha

  • oh lord. Lia is so adorable!

  • itzy! midzy! let's fly!!🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • 10:34

  • In itzy In red velvet In twice

  • Copycat Lia, okay.

  • Ityz&임영웅

  • 따라따라와(×2) 착한 척은 그만 예쁜 척도 그만 너도 이미 모두 알공 있잖앙 그대 만을 원행 바롱 오늘 밤엥 이제 외롭지동 않은 걸 오 우리 사랑 원 모어 타임 숨이 차올 때 까징 날 따라따라왕 날 바라바라봥 너와 난 둘이성 또 밤새 춤추는 거영 날 잡공 따라왕 날 나만 봐라봥 이 밤이 새도록 너만 사랑 할거영. 아닌 척도 그만 부끄러운 척도 그만 너동 이미 생각하공 있잖앙 그대 만을 원행 바롱 오늘 밤엥 이젠 우리 둘 만의 시간 인걸. 오 우리 사랑 원 모어 타임 숨이 차올 때 까징 날 따라따라왕 날 바라바라봥 너와 난 둘이성 또 밤새 춤추는 거영 날 잡공 따라왕 날 나만 봐라봥 이 밤이 새도록 너만 사랑 할거영.

  • We don't know how Yuna feels about it, but we can't promise to not see her as uri forever adorable maknae... even when she's become a lot older...

  • 1.양계장서 불... 병아리 3,300마리 폐사(전라북도 남원소방서) 2.수산물 가공공장 불... 직원 1명 사망(부산 사하소방서) 3.직진하던 승용차, 오토바이 들이받아(서울 마포소방서) 60대 남성 숨져. 4.욕지도에서 60대 응급환자 이송(경상남도 통영소방서) (통영 해양경찰서) 5.40대 남성, 산행 중 부상... 1명 부상(강원도 강릉소방서) 6.차량 도랑 추락... 60대 2명 부상(강원도 홍천소방서) 남성 대전 사건사고:× 화재:2 구조:4

  • cameramans in the video: 🏃‍♂️

  • Yey! Chaeryeong on the thumbnail

  • 10:29 Yuna so cute 😭😭

  • Lia is such a funny genius

  • Yeji thinking the green mailbox thing isnt a real trash can and almost looked for stuff in it🤣🤣🤣I

  • 있지들 재밌게 보고 갑니다

  • I knew ryujin will win . Our strong PLAYER PROUD OF YOU😘

  • If one from the Itzy turned out to be undercover villain during the missions, that's an amazing idea in the game

  • I'm so excited to eps. 11, I wanted to see why Yuna shouting in Lia " Lia watch out " 😆 I think they are playing hide and seek 😆

  • at 5:00: 예지가 너무 흥분해서 카드를 찾았어요 그녀는 너무 귀엽다. 🥰🥰

  • i just noticed that the carnival was also used by *NIZIU* in their MV *Take A Picture* ❤️

  • OT5 Stans? 👇🏻

  • Running Is Unnecessary But looking around carefully and then this happened 3:30


  • Kenapeee cuman 13 menitttt💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • chaeryeong part Itzy! my favorite. I laughed so hard


  • Ow cool yuna

  • Can't wait to the next episode huhu

  • chaeng not pressing start on her timer is THE funniest thing-

  • Itzy makes everything Better their personalities makes it worth watching gotta love Itzy

  • "lia smiles every time 'coz she's the best" 🥺 whoever made these subtitles needs a raise!!!

  • Lia so cutee

  • 13mins 11secs of ITZY being comedians

  • lia is so cute

  • Lia must have found it, there was a camera in the locker lol

    • i thought about that too bec of the camera inside but the box was strangely empty

  • 5:24 "how can i find that tiny piece of paper in a huge place" -lia 2 second later 5:27 "hahahaha i found it"

  • ryujin also screaming and getting startled in the next ep? must be good i can’t wait

  • I cracked up when Yeji looked up at a real trash can 💀

  • OMG I just realized this is where NiziU shot "Take a picture." Lmao

  • ITZY love😍

  • In conclusion, CSI is Running Man Itzy version 😂

  • 채령이 리아 언니 한태 저리가?

  • Funny how the most flexible member is not even in the dance line

  • Midzy in Viet Nam

  • I dont why when chaeryeong was apologizing and said shes not a cheater my tears came iut of mu eyes

  • 있지언니는 귀여워요^^

  • Lia, youre just to cute to be true

  • 🌚🌚💔اربك

  • Chearyeong so cute omg😭😭😭🤧🤧

  • ؜ of kuments for chaeryeong 95%

  • These girls are having fun honestly. JYP entertainment is actually taking care of them.😚👏